Greetings for SSO players!
Date : 12/05/2017 Views : 1748 Copy Print



Hello, I am GM[GOM]




It is an honored to introduce myself to SSO players with the notice. Some of Savers may familiar with me


via SSO ticket system, but it is believed to be that this is our first official introduction as New GM.


Thus, many other players will not be so familiar with me. With that being said, I would like to


introduce myself as GM[GOM] and our plan is to improve and develop the SSO!


All other priority to develop the SSO is secondary to satisfaction of SSO players!



After carefully collecting and analyzing the few factors of SSO over the last few month we have


found out that there were some of the factors/problem which should be improved during my time as GM.



     1. Excessive use of third party program


     2. User's ID sharing/trading


     3. Hacking



For these reasons, I would like to adjust following game managements plan for SSO.




     1. Ticket system


         GM will put much effort on replying tickets on ticket system as quickly and precisely as he can.

         Even if tickets are trivial, please feel free to send us at anytime. We consider player's feedback as

         valuable information in order to improve the quality of the services. This may lead to decrease in

         activities of foul intention hacker's activities and will be able to prevent many other foul action from





     2. Third party program


         Until now, there were loyal players who have been reporting us with valuable information regarding

         hacking tools, or foul activities reports. Thanks to them, the investigation process was enhanced and

         many abusers were banned.

         Since Netgame strictly prohibit using third party program such as hack and macro. GM will not provide

         hack abusers with assistance and may not response to any appeals. We will also make sure to

         permanently ban them from SSO forever. Therefore, we highly suggest for players NOT to use

         illegal programs ingame since it will lead to un-beneficial results to them.




     3. Account sharing/trading


         Account sharing is a severe problem that is occurring in not only SSO but also other games on Netgame.

         It is reported that a number of people is suffering from issues that are related to account


         According to Netgame user agreement, SSO does not acknowledge account sharing/trading and

         we do not take responsibility of the outcome. Please avoid sharing/trading accounts as those

         actions will strictly be at your own risk.


         Please refer to:


         We have to make sure that account owner must have rightful ownership of the account. This way

         we can prevent strangers from releasing out personal information on Netgame.

         Furthermore, in the case of recovery, if you are not the rightful owner of the account,

         we will not be able to assist you. So, please do not share your account with others.




     4. Permanently banned players


         Recently, we are receiving a large number of tickets that are related to unbanning issue.

         Please keep in mind that we do not negotiate with hackers or scammer, unless they have

         prudent evidence or any other types of evidence which proves their innocent.

         However, if you feel you are mis-judged by our investigation, please feel free to

         contact us and we will re-investigate the issue for you. (Please be reminded that

         we will need considerable amount of evidence from banned players in order to unban them)




We will make sure to treat players equally and fairly given any circumstances with following the rules and


logic of Netgame policy. Also we will promise to cherish all SSO players.


We are proud to state that our future SSO service will develop to high quality standard since GM[GOM] is here.



I hope that all Savers have a fun while playing Soul Saver Online.