[Event] Scedule for EXP Event
Date : 19/06/2017 Views : 5877
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Hello, Savers!




Soul Saver Online recently has many server down issues on Samuk 1.

We are putting much effort on fixing the issues to provide Savers with smooth game service.


Thank you for understanding.


Double & Triple EXP Event Schedule 


Day Time (GMT + 9) Content
Monday 9am - 1pm x2 EXP
Tuesday 7pm - 11pm x2 EXP
Wednesday 7pm - 11pm x2 EXP
Thursday 9am- 1pm x2 EXP
Friday 7pm - 11pm x3 EXP, x2 Gold
Saturday 9am - 1pm x3 EXP, x2 Gold
Sunday 7pm - 11pm x3 EXP, x2 Gold