[Update] Update Note for 20th of July Extended
Date : 18/07/2017 Views : 3521
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Hello, Savers!


How have you been all?

I have heard a number of conversation about update for 4th job promotion in game.

Unfortunately, GM[GOM] is currently not sure about when the 4th job promotion will be updated.

However, I will do my best on providing players with up-to-date information.

Please feel free to contact me at anytime!


Soul Saver Online will have 2nd update for summer.

Many ingame bugs will be fixed from this update

New contents called "Eternal Hell" will be updated

Hope all players like it.



[Scheduled server update] 

Date/ Time : 20th of July 10:30 AM- 3:30 PM. [GMT +9:00]



1. Game Contents


a. Eternal Hell will be added

     Players are able to enter Eternal Hell through Netherland.

     For more information, Please follow the link below





b. Bugs will be fixed

     BushyChestHair, GoldAnkleBracelet image error will be fixed


2. Summer Event Update [2017.07/20 - Next Update]


a. The Preparation to Open Hanya Beach

The Preparation to Open Hanya Beach
Start NPC Ilho Complete NPC Ilho
Start Location HanyaBeachTrainingGround Complete Location HanyaBeachTrainingGround
Contents  NPC Ilho will help players enter HanyaBeachTrainingGround.
 Bring StingyNippers to NPC Ilho and trade them to
 special items as a reward. 

*Please note that other summer events "Water Dip Prepare" and "Overcome the Heat" are avaliable!




DP Name Description
    StingyNipper  Huge and sharp chela.
 Bring it to NPC Ilho

*Please keep in mind that all event items will be deleted once summer event ends!


Reward Item List
 StingyNipper x 50  SmallLozenge
 StingyNipper x 100  PropertyPouch
 StingyNipper x 200  MillennialGinseng
 StingyNipper x 300  DoubleEXPPass


3. New Cash Items Released [07/20 - ]


Name Price
Eternal Hell Reward ticket x 3 1500
Eternal Hell Reward ticket x 10 4500
Pet Dumpling 4000
Minion Stone (7 Days) 1000
Minion Stone (30 Days 3900


4. 2017 Summer Event Cash Items Released [06/21 - Next Update]


*The following items will be released until next update on August. 

List of Pouch of the Heat
AllSkillResetAmulet DreamingBeauty(Premier)
AllStatResetAmulet New.DongkuaDaikatana
FactionResetAmulet2 LuckyAmulet100 * 10
SellersServerShoutScroll BeautyShopCoupon
SellersChannelShoutScroll BlackKebiToy
ServerShoutScroll YellowFlowerButterfly
ChannelShoutScroll New.DongkuaWig(M)
AdvancedAvatarCharger New.DongkuaWig(F)
TeleportScroll New.DongkuaOutfit(M)
MonsterBall3(Puss) New.DongkuaOutfit(F)
MonsterBall4(Puss) TaeHwaSword(White)
RedXiezhi TaeHwaSword(Gold)
BlackXiezhi CompositionSafeguard
YellowSalamander WeaponCompositionEnhancer
YellowPhantom(EXP)(30days) ClothingCompositionEnhancer
YellowPhantom(EXP)(60days) WeaponUpgradeEnhancer
PropertyUpgradeParchment ClothingUpgradeEnhancer
PurplePhantom(30days) AccessoryUpgradeEnhancer





List of Random Summer Outfit Box
NewMarineLook (F) NewMarineLook (M)
MarineAnchor BeachHair(M)
RescueTube BeachHair(F)
VacanceHat(M) BeachBathingSuit (M)
VacanceHat(F) BeachBathingSuit (F)
 SeasideLover(M) MermaidmanTube
 SeasideLover(F) NekoPopsicle
 RainbowUmbrella NewMarineHat(M)
 WaterRabbit NewMarineHat(F)


Beach Costume


NewMarine Costume


Vacance Costume



  5. Attendance Event(Excluding Steam users)  [2017/06/21 - 2017/07/21]


 * The reward for Login event may differ from this web notice to ingame event notice.
    Please see reward details on ingame event notice.


Thank you for playing Soul Saver Online