[Update] Update Note for 24th of August
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Hello, Savers!


It seems that summer vacations almost end and new school year is coming close.

We hope that all Savers are well-prepared for back to school and have a great

achievement on school-work this year


Finally, here is exciting announcements for which many Savers waited.

Soul Saver Online is going to have August contents update celebrating back to school.

Awesome school-look costumes will be temporary released on ghost shop and

new event quest will be added too.

Of course, we have concentrated on fixing ingame errors and stabilizing server on this update.


Moreover, it would be possible for Steam users to participate in "Daily Attendance Event"

after update on September.

Explain reason why Steam users are unable to participate in current attendance event,

"Reach Level" and Attendance Event" are currently offering via web verification, which means,

those who have created account on SSO website can participate in the events.

To fix such issue, we have decided to change the format of attendance event.

Players will have to participate in events through ingame NPC, not web verification.


For more information on the format of event, we will post it on notice in the future.

[Scheduled server update] 

Date/ Time : 24th of August 09:00 AM- 12:00 PM. [GMT +9:00]


1. Game Contents


a. Bugs will be fixed

     Compound pet error will be fixed.


b. Stabilizing the server



c. Eternal Hell shop update

     New Accessories will be released on Eternal Hell shop [Succubus]



2. Summer Event Update [2017.08/24 - Next Update]


a. Mango Juice is my favorite

 Mango Juice is my favorite [Daily Event Quest]
 Start NPC  EventHelper  Complete NPC  EventHelper
 Start Location  ChasteHall  Complete Location  ChasteHall
 Contents   Once you bring 30 Mangos and 20 Ice Cubes to NPC               EventHelper, you will receive a Mango Pouch as a reward.
  Mango and Ice Cube can be obtained from any monsters
  in any map.
Requirement  Mango 30EA, IceCube 20EA
Rewards  Mango Pouch 1EA

*Please note that the level gap between character and monsters have to be less than 10!


 DP  Name  Description
    Mango  Sweet and sour tropical fruit.

 DP  Name  Description
   I ce Cube

 Frozen-hard Ice Cube. Bring it to EventHelper


 DP  Name  Description
    Mango Pouch

 Reward for collecting Mango Juice ingredients 
 You may get one of the following items.

 [R]Mango Juice, Mango Juice, Mango Hairpin

*Please keep in mind that all event items will be deleted once summer event ends!



3. Event END

a. Water Dip Prepare END [2017/06/21 ~ 2017/08/24]

b. Overcome the Heat END [2017/06/21 ~ 2017/08/24]


4. New Cash Item Released

a. New Cash Items [2017/06/21 ~ ]

 Name  Price
 Ice Pickax  4,000
 YinYang Pickax  7,500
 Miner Hat
 (5 Days)
 Mine Hat
 (15 Days)
 Lucky Orb(Red)  1,200
 Lucky Orb(Green)  1,500



b. New Cash Items [2017/06/21 ~ Next Update]

 Name  Price
 HotSummer Pouch  490
 School Random  OutfitBox  2,500

*The following items will be released until next update on September. 




 HotSummerPouch  Qty
 RedBloodLozenge  2
 BlueBloodLozenge  2
 SmallGreenPhantom(1 Day)  1
 Seller'sChannelShoutScroll  7
 Seller'sServerShoutScroll  5
 ReturnScroll  5
 ReishiBolus  3
 MillennialBolus  3
 LuckyPartySlate  2
 SomasEye  5
 TrackingScroll  4
 ServerShoutScroll  5
 ServerShoutScroll  10
 HatCompositionAmulet   1
 LuckySlate  2
 MonsterSummonCharm  2
 RedBloodPallet  3
 BlueBloodPallet  3
 RedBloodPallet  3
 LuxurySummerPouch  1
 PreciousSummerPouch  1


LuxurySummerPouch & PreciousSummerPouch can obtain from HotSummerPounch.

 LuxurySummerPouch  Qty  PreciousSummerPouch  Qty
 LuxurySummerPouch  1  YangakOutfit(M)  1
 RikangOutfit(M)  1  YangakOutfit(F)  1
 RikangOutfit(F)  1  SamukOutfit(M)  1
 LipungOutfit(M)  1  SamukOutfit(F)  1
 LipungOutfit(F)  1  YangakHat  1
 DongkuaOutfit(M)  1  SamukWig  1
 DongkuaOutfit(F)  1  CompositionSafeguard  1
 HamuOutfit(M)  1  WeaponCompositionEnhancer  1
 HamuOutfit(F)  1  ClothingCompositionEnhancer  1
 OuijiOutfit(M)  1  LuckyAmulet100  10
 OuijiOutfit(F)  1  BlessingPartySlate  7
 LunhaeOutfit(M)  1  DreamingBeauty(Premier)  1
 ZomiOutfit(M)  1  FactionResetAmulet  1
 GoiunOutfit(M)  1  AllSkillResetAmulet  1
 GoiunOutfit(F)  1  AllStatResetAmulet  1
 SilmaeOutfit(F)  1  RenamingBook  1
 WananOutfit(M)  1  YellowPhantom(EXP)(30 Day)  1
 WananOutfit(F)  1  PurplePhantom (30 Day)  1
 MysticHexagon  1  WindNymphJar[Win]  1
 MysticMaskBox  1  HeadstoneJar[Sto]  1
 YellowSalamanderHelm  1  IceFishJar[Wat]  1
 LuckyAmulet50  10  FireMothJar[Fir]  1
 GreenPhantom(30 Day)  1  TreeJar[Tre]  1
 MonsterSummonCharm  15  SnakeSpiritJar[Sha]  1
 AdvancedMonsterSummonCharm  12  GreenSalamander  1
 GoldSpiritCard  7  RedSalamander  1
 WeaponUpgradeEnhancer  2  BlackSalamander  1
 ClothingUpgradeEnhancer  2  WhiteSalamander  1
 AccessoryUpgradeEnhancer  2  YellowSalamander  1
 PremiumUpgradeTool  3  AdvancedMonsterSummonCharm  30




 Items from School RandomOutfitBox




[Preview] White School Outfit


[Preview] Spring Rain Outfit


[Preview] Red Summer School Outfit




5. Cash Item Release END 

a. Cash Items Release END[2017/06/21 ~ 2017/08/24]

Name Price
 Pouch of the Heat  7,500
 Pouch of the Heat
 (5 EA)


Outfit Box



 6. Attendance Event(Excluding Steam users)  [2017/08/22 - 2017/09/21]


 * The reward for Login event may differ from this web notice to ingame event notice.
    Please see reward details on ingame event notice.


Thank you for playing Soul Saver Onile