[Update] Update Note for 14th of September
Date : 13/09/2017 Views : 4854
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Hello, Savers!


Thank you for waiting! GM[GOM] has brought some update information for September.

We have hold many GM Surprise Event on September such as x4 Exp Event, Extended Weekly Exp Event,

Hide & Seek, and GM's Special Personal Shop. We hope that those who have participated in the events

had a lot of fun and received awesome prizes.

As many players have requested, we are going to share information on GM Surprise Event by

announcing on SSO Facebook Page.

Please follow the link below and "Like" our Facebook page!


Make sure that you do not miss out next GM Surprise Event.


Before announcing update note, we would like to mention on hack tool users and hacked users.

Many macro users have been permanently blocked from SSO server or locked in the hidden map called

"Closed Caves". Under Netgame policy, GM will not release them without any reason unless players show

their innocent on foul actions.

GM understand frustration on lost account and items by hackers. However, since comparing trade logs,

item acquisition logs and checking related IPs take much time, recovering process is really slow.

[It usually takes 3~4 weeks]

Therefore, please be more patience on hacking issues.


Due to many questions about Weekly Exp Event information, we are posting

Weekly Exp Event Schedule below.


Doulbe & Triple EXP Event Schedule 

Day Time (GMT + 9) Content
Monday 9am - 1pm x2 EXP
Tuesday 7pm - 11pm x2 EXP
Wednesday 7pm - 11pm x2 EXP
Thursday 9am- 1pm x2 EXP
Friday 7pm - 11pm x3 EXP, x2 Gold
Saturday 9am - 1pm x3 EXP, x2 Gold
Sunday 7pm - 11pm x3 EXP, x2 Gold

Hope this may be helpful resource for all Soul Saver Online users.





[Scheduled server update] 

Date/ Time : 14th of September 09:00 AM- 12:00 PM. [GMT +9:00]






1. Game Contents


a. Bugs will be fixed

     Sect Tournament Error


     [Security Job] Quest Error


     Reward for Eternal Hell Top-Rankers


     Eternal Hell Raning Board Reset Error



b. Stabilizing the Server



c. Daily Attendance Event Renewal

     Current Daily Attendace Event will be terminated on September 14th.
     New Daily Attendance Event will be applied on September 15th.

     Now, Stem users can participate in Daily Attendance Event!

     Attendance rewards will be provided to your gift box automatically.





2. Reward for Trainer/Trainee system has been modified

a. Training Benefits




b. Trainer/Trainee Title






3. September Event Quest Update [2017.09/14 - Next Update]


a. Weeding a Grave

 Weeding a Grave [ Daily Event Quest]
 Start NPC  Doctor  Complete NPC  Doctor
 Start Location  ChasteHall  Complete Location  ChasteHall

  Doctor in ChesteHall will help heading to Cemetery

  Remove weeds on Cemetery and receive rewards from


 Requirement  Remove 20 Wicked Weed
 Rewards  HarvestMoonBox 1EA




Event Monster

 DP  Name  Description
      Wicked Weed    Can be seen on "Cemetery" Map.


Event Item

 DP  Name  Description

 A box commemorating the Harvest Moon,

 I hope that good things will come out.

*Please keep in mind that all event items will be deleted once summer event ends!



Item from HarvestMoonBox

Item Name

Quan tity

 BlueLongSedge  1
 HarvestMoonFortuneHood(M)  1
 HarvestMoonFortuneHood(F)  1
 HarvestMoonVestDress(M)  1
 HarvestMoonVestDress(F)  1
 HarvestMoonFortunePocket  1
 BeautyShopCoupon  3
 SellersChannelShoutScroll  2
 SellersServerShoutScroll  1
 ChannelShoutScroll  2
 ServerShoutScroll  1
 MonsterSummonCharm  5
 MapTeleportScroll  1
 TrackingScroll  1
 MillennialIceSteelBullion  1
 PerennialIceSteelBullion  1
 GoldBullion  1
 SilverBullion  1
 WhiteUmkanBullion  1
 RedUmkanBullion  1
 BlueKijBullion  1
 GreenKijBullion  1
 RiceCookie  10
 DeepfriedHoneyCookie  10
 RicePuff  10
 ReishiMushroom  10
 MillennialGinseng  10
 RedSeaBream  1
 RedPorgy  20
 BeanBar  50
 RewardPlaque  50
 GoatMilk  50
 YellowRiceCake  10
 NekoCookie  5






4. Event END

a. Mango Juice is my favorite END [2017/08/24 ~ 2017/09/14]






5. New Cash Item Released

a. New Cash Items [2017/09/14 ~ ]

 Name  Price
 LuckySlate x 2  700
 LuckyPartySlate x 2  900
 LuckyPartySlate x 10  4,500



b. On Sale Cash Items [2017/09/14 ~ Next Update]

 Name  Price
 MonsterSummonCharm x 10  3,300 -> 1,000

*The following items will be on sale until next update on October. 



b. New Cash Items [2017/09/14 ~ Next Update]

 Name  Price
 BaseballOutfitBox  2,300

*The following items will be released until next update on October. 


 Item from BaseballOutfitBox



 [Preview] Baseball Outfit







5. Cash Item Release END 

a. Cash Items Release END[2017/08/24 ~ 2017/09/14]

 Name  Price
 School Random OutfitBox  2,500




Thank you for playing Soul Saver Online