[Update] Update Note for 14th of November
Date : 09/11/2017 Views : 11534
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Hello, Savers!


There are couple things GM wants to mention before announcing contents about November Update.

Soul Saver Online had a sharp increase in user pool recently. GM believes that New & Come-back
users have moved from Thailand server. GOM is really glad to provide them with
game service and support.
However, it seems that many new players are using 3rd party programs all around the map.
As many innocent players have requested, GM will mainly focus on blocking all cheat players and
their cheat programs.
Please note that those who have banned from SSO for using 3rd party program including macro will 

have no chance to be released from Amnesty Event. So, PLEASE DO NOT USE IT ;)

Furthermore, Soul Saver Online is offering Savers special cash event for holidays.

It has been a long time holding such a huge event for charging Mcash.

We hope that everyone does not miss out this great opportunity to top up

extra Mcash on your account.




[Event Period] 

Date/ Time : 2017/11/01 ~ 2017/11/15 [CET]




[Event Detail] 

SSO will provide additional 10% bonus to those who charge Mcash with



One more thing!

Require Level for using Ghost Shop on Steam client will be set from 100 to 80.


Update for November has schedules earlier than usual because of Thanksgiving Day.
Yes, theme for this update is Thanksgiving and "Combo System" will also be added from this update.
Please note that "Combo System" has not even coming out on Korean Ghost Online.
So, GOM is really excited to serve this great content to Savers for the first time.

Hope you have great Thanksgiving Day!

[Scheduled server update] 

Date/ Time : 14th of November 09:00 AM- 12:00 PM. [GMT +9:00] 3 Hours









1. Game Contents


a. Stabilizing the Server


b. Combo System

     When players attack monster combo attack will stack
     Players obtain special buff as they reach over +100 combo.







    Combo buff does not activate with party members

    Combo stack only lasts for 4 seconds

    Limit on combo is 999

    Combo Buff disappears once logged off

    [Rare]Combo Buff does not disappear even logged off

    Combo Buff resets when combo reaches 100 again

 Image  Name  Time
   ComboBuff  10min(600sec)
 Description  Special buff activates as combo reaches 100.
 (Increases 5% gold drop rate and 1`0% EXP)


 Image  Name  Time
   [Rare]ComboBuff  30min(1,800sec)
 Description  Special buff activates with MysteriousEnergy as combo reaches 100.
 (Increases 30% gold drop rate, 30% EXP, and 5% Physical/Magical ATK)




 Tag Name  Effect  Tag Score  Requirement

 Max HP + 70

 Max SP + 40

 30  Achieving on receiving Combo Buff

 Combo Buff User

   Provided to those who have success on getting ComboBuff.



 Tag Name  Effect  Tag Score  Requirement

 Max HP + 180

 Max MP + 150

 80  Achieving on receiving [Rare]Combo Buff.

 Combo Buff Mania



 Provided to those who have success on getting [Rare]ComboBuff.




 Image  Description  Name

 If you have this, you can get a more powerful buff

 when you apply a combo buff. (Activates when breaking seal)











2. Thanksgiving Day Event Quest Update [2017.10/14 - Next Update]


a. Roast Turkey

 Roast Turkey [ Daily Event Quest]
 Start NPC  Lady  Complete NPC  Lady
 Start Location  ChasteHall  Complete Location  ChasteHall


Monsters are preventing villagers from preparing  

 forThanksgiving food. Bring 20 HarvestBasket to Lady in
 ChasteHall. She will cook fresh roast turkey as a reward.

 Requirement  HarvestBasket x 20
 Rewards  RoastTurkey 1EA



Quest item

 DP  Name  Description
      HarvestBasket  A basket containing cultivated crops.

*Please note that event quest items will only dropped by monsters equivalent to character level.(+/-10)


Reward Item

 DP  Name  Description

 Delicious roasted turkey for Thanksgiving Day.

 Additional 100% EXP for 1hour (X2 EXP)

*Please keep in mind that all event items will be deleted once the event ends!


b. Thanksgiving Festival

 Thanksgiving Festival [ Daily Event Quest]
 Start NPC  EventHelper  Complete NPC  EventHelper
 Start Location  ChasteHall  Complete Location  ChasteHall

 Monsters are stealing crops in villages. Receive reward from

 EventHelper after helping her by collecting 20 HarvestBasket.

 Requirement  HarvestBasket x 20
 Rewards  ThanksgivingBox 1EA



Quest item

 DP  Name  Description
      HarvestBasket  A basket containing cultivated crops.


Reward Item

 DP  Name  Description

 A box created for Thanksgiving Day.
 Contains variety of items.

*Please keep in mind that item option will be removed once the event ends!


Item from Thanksgiving Box

 Name  Quantity
 RedDevilHorns  1
 BlueDevilHorns  1
 GreenDevilHorns  1
 PurpleDevilHorns  1
 BeautyShopCoupon  3
 SellersChannelShoutScroll  2
 SellersServerShoutScroll  1
 ChannelShoutScroll  2
 ServerShoutScroll  1
 MonsterSummonCharm  5
 MapTeleportScroll  1
 TrackingScroll  1
 MillennialIceSteelBullion  1
 PerennialIceSteelBullion  1
 GoldBullion  1
 SilverBullion  1
 WhiteUmkanBullion  1
 RedUmkanBullion  1
 BlueKijBullion  1
 GreenKijBullion  1
 ReishiMushroom  10
 MillennialGinseng  10
 RedSeaBream  1
 BoiledEgg  20
 DeerAntlerPotion  20
 BeanBar  50
 RewardPlaque  40
 GoatMilk  50
 PumpkinPie  1



 DP  Name  Description

 Fresh Pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving Day, which

 gives more power (Increases %5 ATK for 30min)









3. Event Quest END


a. MonsterLord's Counterattack!

b. Month of Enhancing Evil Power

c. Collecting Toy Skulls

d. Golden Skull Mask

4. New Cash Item Released


a. New Cash Items [2017/11/14~ ]

 Name  Price
 MysteriousEnergy (7Days)  1,000
 MapTeleportScroll X10  2,000
 MapTeleportScroll X 30  5,000


b. Keep On Sale! [2017/09/14 ~ Next Update]

Name  Price
PouchOfOctober  6,900 -> 5,500
PouchOfOctober X 6  34,500 -> 31,000

*The following items will be on sale until next update on December. 


Item from Pouch Of October

 Item Name Quantity
 YellowFlowerButterfly  1
 BlackKebiToy  1
 LuckyAmulet100 * 10  10
 TaeHwaOutfit(M)  1
 TaeHwaOutfit(F)  1
 TaeHwaWig(M)  1
 TaeHwaWig(F)  1
 TaeHwaSword(White)  1
 TaeHwaSword(Gold)  1
 YangakOutfit(M)  1
 YangakOutfit(F)  1
 SamukOutfit(M)  1
 SamukOutfit(F)  1
 YangakHat  1
 SamukWig  1
 CompositionSafeguard  1
 WeaponCompositionEnhancer  1
 ClothingCompositionEnhancer  1
 WeaponUpgradeEnhancer  3
 ClothingUpgradeEnhancer  3
 AccessoryUpgradeEnhancer  3
 PropertyUpgradeParchment  3
 PurplePhantom(30days)  1
 PurplePhantom(60days)  1
 YellowPhantom(EXP)(30days)  1
 YellowPhantom(EXP)(60days)  1
 AllSkillResetAmulet  1
 AllStatResetAmulet  1
 FactionResetAmulet2  1
 SellersServerShoutScroll  33
 SellersChannelShoutScroll  66
 ServerShoutScroll  40
 ChannelShoutScroll  80
 AdvancedAvatarCharger  4
 TeleportScroll  45
 MonsterBall3(Puss)  1
 MonsterBall4(Puss)  1
 TeleportScroll  45
 MonsterBall3(Puss)  1
 MonsterBall4(Puss)  1
 YellowSalamander  1
 BeautyShopCoupon  70
 AdvancedMonsterSummonCharm  35



c. New Cash Items [2017/11/14 ~ Next Update]

 Name  Price
 SpecialAgentOutfitBox  2,300
 SubPetPouch  5,500


 [Preview] Special Agent Outfit



Item from Special Agent Outfit Box










Item from Sub Pet Pouch

 Name  Quantity
 BlackKebiToy  1
 GreenAngelCorey  1
 RedDevilCorey  1
 GreenButtonEye  1
 YellowShimenawa  1
 BlueShimenawa  1
 RedShimenawa  1
 GreenShimenawa  1
 WhiteDroopy  1
 BlueDroopy  1
 ScarletDroopy  1
 GreenDroopy  1
 ScarletEggie  1
 YellowEggie  1
 WhiteEggie  1
 BlackEggie  1











5. Cash Item Release END 


a. Cash Items Release END[2017/10/26 ~ 2017/11/14]

 Name  Price
 HalloweenOutfitBox  2,500




    Thank you for playing Soul Saver Online