[Notice] Announcement about Cheat Users
Date : 23/11/2017 Views : 1399
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Hello, Savers!




There is some announcement about players using illegal program on SSO.


Recently, GM has received many tickets that the number of LV+170 compounded weapons has sharply


increased. We believe that this has resulted from players using cheat on 170+ map and


we are also thinking of players using illegal program on compounding system.


Such foul actions have really harmful influence on SSO community including


increasing global gold, messing up item-price and decreasing user pool.


For these reasons, we will leave all work behind and focus on blocking those who cheat on game system.


Once players have banned from the server, all their IPs and releated account will be permanently blocked.


GM always feel sorry to the rest of users for not providing poor game service and 


better solution for cheat user.;(


We hope that this issue will be fixed by this month!


* Items purchased from cheaters

If the item causes negative effect on SSO community, GM will have to delete the items and restore

game gold back to players. [Restore gold will be the same as purchasing item price from cheater.]


If player buy a weapon and compounded, then GM will resotre back only gold for purchasing amount,

Therefore, if you see suspicious items or players, please let us know via our ticket site or facebook page.


Ticket Site



Facebook Page




In addition, we are planning on opening ingame-gold event by collecting all gold from cheat accounts soon.


Detail infromation will be posted in the future.


Have a nice day!